Goar Alvarez

Goar Alvarez, BPharm., Pharm.D, C.Ph., FASCP. Assistant Dean, Pharmacy Services NSU College of Pharmacy

Columnists Julie Alvira MD

Julie Alvira, MD, Healthcare Management, AJ Bodysculpt

Anadel Alberti

Anadel Alberti, Motivational Coach, Happiness Youth Mentor and Certified Passion Test Coach

Victor Amram

Victor Amram, Lic. Psychology, Lic. Hypnology, PhD. Theology

Sari Arponen 200x200

Sari Arponen, PhD., Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Hospital Universitario de Torrejón

Columnists Marisa Azaret MD

Marisa Azaret, Psy.D., Psycologist, Host at “Vive la Salud” CNNE

Mercedes Baute

Mercedes Baute, MS, Ed., IAIM Certified

Columnists Blanca Castillo Banquet Chef

Blanca Castillo, Banquet Chef

Lourdes Castillo

Lourdes Castillo, M.Sc.Eng, Director at Migun Health and Wellness

Giselle Cushing

Giselle Cushing, Humana Marketing Vice-President


John DenBoer, Ph.D., Clinical Neuro- Psychologist, Smart Brain Aging Founder

Anisha Dharshi

Anisha Dharshi, Senior National Director of Education and Community Initiatives at Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE)

Ruben Fornell Ruben Fornell, Master in Mental Health, Master in Neurolinguistic Programming

orah gabay

Orah Gabay, Hypnotherapist

Vinod Goel 200x200

Vinod K. Goel, PhD., President of Centerline Biomedical Inc.


Lic. Granya Gonzalez

Granya Gonzalez, Licensed Nutritionist and Dietitian

Leonella Gozalez

Leonella González, Holistic Health Coach

Mariela Gonzalez

Mariela González, Clinical Psychologist

Geetanjali Kelkar

Geetanjali Kelkar, MD, Endocrinologist, JFK Medical Center

Aliza Lifshitz

Aliza Lifshitz, MD, “Dra. Aliza”, Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism

Reinaldo Lopez & Isabel Valbuena

Dr. Reinaldo López, Dra. Isabel Valbuena, Orthopedic Surgeons-UCV

Maria Fernanda Martinez

Maria Fernanda Martinez, Psy.D.

ashwin mehta

Ashwin Mehta, MD, Integrative Medicine Division, Memorial Healthcare System

Alejandra Oraa

Alejandra Oraa, Host at Cafe CNN

Columnists Margarita Orue

Margarita Orue, Dietician and Nutricionist

Alberto Pavlotsky

Alberto Pavlotsky, Life Coach, International Yoga Meditation Teacher

Sandra Porta Merida

Sandra Porta-Merida, PhD, Dean of the Latin Division Keiser University, Online Education

Luis E. Rae

Luis E. Raez, MD, Director, Memorial Cancer Institute / Director, Clinical Oncology Research Memorial Health Care System

Columnists Kaled Richani MD

Kaled Richani, MD, Urologist-Endourologist Surgeon

Narcello Romeo

Marcello Romeo, PhD in Biomedicine and Neurosciences

Jose Rosa-Olivares

Jose Rosa-Olivares, MD, MS/HSA, FAAP, Medical Director of Nicklaus Children’s Urgent Care Services

gretchen rovira

Gretchen Rovira, MHS, CAP, Family Outreach Coordinator

Erika Ruiz

Erika G. Ruiz, Joy and Wellbeing Coach, Certified by Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor (AATH)

Columnists Paula Thaqi MD

Paula Thaqi, MD, Director, Florida Health Department for Broward County

Ruth Thomas Ruth Thomas MPH, ACA Navigator Program Coordinator, Broward Regional Health Planning Council, Inc

Frances Verter

Frances Verter, PhD, Founder/Director of Parent’s Guide to Cord Blood Foundation

Saverina Vittorino

Saverina Vittorino, Optimal Healing Environment Project Manager

Columnists Michel Vulfovich MD

Michel Vulfovich, MD, Director of Gynecology Oncology, Director of Sickle Cell Services of Memorial Cancer Institute

Columnists Carlos Wolf MD

Carlos Wolf, MD, Facial Plastic Surgeon, Board Certified   

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