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Brazilian VoicesBrazilian Voices

SADM #87 Nov/Dec 2019

Brazilian Voices

Brazilian Voices is a non-profit musical organization of up to 34 women who sing Brazilian and international music for concerts, educational and philanthropic events in hospitals, chemotherapy infusion unit and nursing homes.

The group has released 7 CDs and performed around the world for the past 17 years, including cities such as Barcelona, Madrid, Mexico, New York and London, in addition to more than 500 performances in South Florida.

Our story began as a group of women in South Florida that decided to showcase the beauty of Brazilian music and its people. Fast forward 18 years, and we now have trained over 160 women to also perform in various activities to more than 17 thousand people yearly. Additionally, these women serve our local community through musical experiences in hospitals, schools, universities, and theaters;  Said Beatriz Malnic, co-founder and Musical Director of Brazilian Voices.

We re happy to share that Brazilian Voices received many awards as outstanding Brazilian Musical Group in the US and it was proclaimed September 15th, 2016 to be Brazilian Voices Day in Broward County for its positive contribution in 31 cities.

Rehearsals are memorable, creative encounters, when members spend precious time together training to achieve vocal excellence. It is a fun and stress-relieving activity that fosters an enormous amount of positive energy and wellbeing through music. Laughter and group hugs are an intrinsic part of this big musical family bonding.  Said Loren Oliveira, co-founder and Artistic Project Director of Brazilian Voices.

Recognizing the natural healing power of music, members of Brazilian Voices regularly visit local hospitals, nursing homes, hospices, and cancer support centers to sing and entertain patients, staff and caregivers. These soothing and uplifting musical interventions are tracked as part of documented wellness initiatives.

An ambitious initiative unveiled by British Health Secretary Matt Hancock may soon enable the country s doctors to prescribe therapeutic art- or hobby-based treatments for ailments ranging from dementia to psychosis, lung conditions and mental health issues.

We should value the arts because they re essential to our health and wellbeing,  Hancock said in his remarks  Access to the arts improves people s mental and physical health. It makes us happier and healthier.  Much research has shown that music enhances the ability of both mind and body to deal with life stresses such as illness in a more positive way, particularly via the human voice and its natural ability to bring comfort.

Brazilian Voices is highly trained for its hospital mission and keenly aware of ethical and helpful conduct in the healthcare environment.

We encourage the readers of Salud al dia to always include a dose of Art in your daily routine and of course – a dose of Bossa Nova to breath, relax and enjoy the beauty in this world.

Article by: Beatriz Malnic – Co-Founder and Musical Director Loren Oliveira – Co-Founder and Artistic Project Director.

Contact Information: brazilianvoices.org and info@brazilianvoices.org

P-(954) 217-1111

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