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Latino Center of Aging and Hispanic ElderlyHispanic Elderly, fastest growing segment in South Florida

By: Latino Center on Aging, LCA

LCA concerned with lack of information on existing services for the elderly.

The Latino Center on Aging (LCA) expresses its concern on the limited information on existing services for the elderly under the Older Americans Act in South Florida, which includes senior centers, home delivery meals, transportation to doctor appointments, and referral services. These programs and services are free of charge to anyone 60 years of age and over.

Florida has been experiencing significant demographical changes. As noted in the 2017-2019 Annual Plan of the Alliance for Aging (Miami-Dade Area Agency on Aging), the 60 plus Hispanic elderly population in 2016 reached 362,444. Similarly, the Broward County Planning and Development Division has reported the 60 plus Hispanic elderly population reached 180,000 in 2015 (Note in 1970, the total Hispanic population of Broward County was 15,000). Unfortunately, programs and services for the Hispanic elderly have not kept pace with the rapid growth in population.

“Considering that two out of three Hispanic seniors retire near or below the poverty line, access to services under the Older Americans Act, can be of vital importance,” said Mario Tapia, President & CEO of the Latino Center on Aging.

The Latino Center on Aging was founded in 1991 to enhance the living conditions of Hispanic elderly through education and advocacy. In South Florida the LCA has actively working over the past 5 years to raise awareness by organizing a South Florida Advisory Board, a South Florida Hispanic Coalition for Aging, composed of over 40 organizations, and a monthly radio segment on La Nueva 88.3 FM. In addition, the LCA implemented five conferences on Latinos and Alzheimer’s in Spanish.

Latino Elderly Projections in South Florida and the USA

*Presently, 542,000 Latino elderly reside in South Florida, a population expected to reach 1 million seniors over the next 30 years.
*According the US Administration on Aging, the Hispanic 65+ population was 3 million in 2010 and is projected to grow to over 17 million by 2050. 60+ will grow to 22 million.

Population and Projections of Hispanic Elderly

For additional information on LCA, visit: www.lcaflorida.org

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