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Unseen HeroesUnseen Heroes

SADM #90 May/Jun 2020

Home Health Care Resources Corp.

Humanity is undergoing a never before seen pandemic. During these stressful times, we must come together as a society to provide the necessary support and services to our elderly community, as they have been the most affected demographic.

However, seniors still require necessary services at home daily, especially during this worldwide “Shut Down”.

Our amazing team of Unseen Heroes is flying right underneath the radar in recognition, compared to how much Media attention or Government assistance Hospitals are receiving. Here, at Home Health Care Resources Corp, we would like to Honor those “Silent Angels” today. These Angels, disguised in medical scrubs, have knowingly chosen to remain working at the front-line of this pandemic. Every day they risk their well-being to help others and continue to support their own economical and family needs.

“We are all in this together” is the exact approach we have adopted and implemented. We support our Home Health caregivers and CNAs, by providing them with the necessary tools to carry out their mission in a protected manner. To protect both our caregivers AND our patients, the owners of the Agency, Jessica Hernandez & Carlos Pereira, have kindly purchased much needed supplies including face masks, hand sanitizers, and gloves for all of the staff that play such a large role in supporting our community.

As Essential Health care providers, we are keeping our elderly community at home, so they quarantine safely. This prevents an unmanageable influx of patients in hospitals, which in return helps reduce the spread of Covid-19 in our community. We are blessed that not ONE single caregiver or ONE patient has been diagnosed with Covid-19. We make this possible through a team effort by performing errands and grocery runs for our patients, keeping the same aide assigned to one patient only if possible, and revising our administrative and billing departments to more of a virtual experience.

The time is NOW to trigger a change of thinking in society. We need to provide support, empathy and love in our community to our brothers and sisters. We can start this by sharing our excess supplies with those in need and by performing “care calls” to our elders. These calls would consist of educating the elderly on the signs and symptoms of Covid-19 while keeping them up to date with the “Stay at Home” order. We advise them to call their Primary Physician if they should have any symptoms and encourage them to have a thermometer handy to monitor unusually high temperatures. The most heart-warming part of it all is the gratitude that we receive from our Patients for simply reaching out to them via telephone to ensure their safety and well-being. Many of our patients have retired in Florida while their family is out of state making us their only form of “extended family”.

At Home Health Care Resources Corp. (with our Unseen Heroes)  we have taken a proactive initiative by conducting pre-screenings on all new patients as well as our new caregivers.  We update our caregivers on testing locations if they are interested. In one case one of our caregivers who came down with a common cold was able to have a telehealth appointment and received her antibiotics at her front door. The important factor is to provide support for our team during this time of high stress and anxiety. Unity is strength, when there are teamwork and collaboration, wonderful factors can be achieved.

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